"She’s so pretty with a pretty voice."

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"I’m all sweaty, bare armpits. She’s in like the prettiest dress ever. She did the ass out thing, kind of."

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can we all just take a minute to wonder what the world would be like if cassadee had just made out with jack like he wanted her to?

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question asked by Anonymous: thank you :)


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question asked by Anonymous: do you have the link for the video of Alex getting nervous? lol
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never forget the time a fan actually made alex gaskarth nervous enough to blush during a show.

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@CassadeePope: Do you ever drool by accident because you’re so focused on something? Yeah, me either. Heh heh.

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question asked by jacksonwhittesmores: Hi! Would you mind helping me win a contest to meet Cassadee Pope, by clicking the link in my sidebar and watching the video? Thanks :D

Sure thing! Good luck to ya :)

The many moods of Cassadee Pope playing with a record player, ladies and gentlemen.

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